Women’s Soccer History

In late 1863, the football Association systematizes the rules of football. It was considered a safer game and became famous all over the UK. After rule standardization, women’s soccer popularity increases as men’s soccer.  In 1895, the first competitive match was played between women in England. For more info check

In 1920, the women’s soccer team played a match in front of a massive audience for the first time in England. After this achievement, the English Football Association banned the women’s league in the U.K due to horrible results.

So, the association banned women’s soccer from playing on the same men’s field. In 1930, France and Italy made their women’s team it gives another rise to women’s soccer. After that women’s soccer became popular in America.

Cameron National Women’s Soccer Team 

The national women’s soccer team of Cameron represents the nation of Cameron at the international level. Women’s football team called Indomitable Lionesses which Cameron’s national team. Cameron Football Association controls the Cameron national women’s team. Cameroonian Football Federation is the main administrating body of football.

International Beginning of Cameron Women’s Team      

In 1991, an international journey of Cameron women’s soccer begins. The team played a match against Nigeria on 15 June 1991 in Lagos, Nigeria.


  • Biggest Win Record

Cameron played a match against Mozambique which was held on 13 September 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. In this match Cameron women’s soccer team won the match by 8-1, this is the best record in Cameron history.

  • Biggest Defeat

Cameron women’s team faced two defeats in its history. One match was held on 27 October 1998 in Kaduna, Nigeria. Cameron loses the match by making no goal. The second match was played on 10 October 2018 against France in Paris, France. The women’s soccer team of France defeat Cameron by 6-0 goals.

  • World Cup Records

Cameron women’s soccer team appeared in the world cup many times. In these matches, the team shows its best performance but could not reach the finals every time. Cameron qualified for the first time for FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2o15. Cameron women’s soccer team first appeared in the African Women Cup of Nations in 1991. Cameron women’s team became runners up in 1991, 2004, 2014, and 2016 African cup.

  • Olympics Record

In 2012, Cameron women’s soccer team qualified for the Olympics.

  • COSAFA Women’s Championship

It is an association football tournament of South Africa for the women’s team. This tournament was organized by the Council of Southern Africa Football Association. In 2018, Cameron women’s soccer team made history by standing runners-up in the COSAFA women’s championship.

  • CAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament

In 2020, it was the fifth edition of the tournament, CAF (Confederation of African Football) organized an international football competition. The purpose of the tournament is to recognize which team qualifies for the Olympic football tournament from Africa women’s national teams. Cameron women’s soccer team reached the final and stands runner up against Zambia on 10 March.

Uniform Kit             

The kit consists of a green color cotton shirt, red color short knickerbockers, yellow long socks, and heavy leather boots. Kit color of every country is different from others.

FIFA code and Ranking      

FIFA code is three digits code assigned to each team for Cameron women’s soccer team it is CMR. According to 18 December  2020 FIFA ranking Cameron women’s football team stands at 50th position.

Home Ground Stadium

Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium of Yaounde, Cameron is known as the home ground of the Cameroonian national football team.


Cameron national women’s soccer team represents the Cameron at international level. Women’s team achieve victory for the country many times. Cameron women’s soccer became popular as men’s soccer in Cameron. Women’s soccer develops athletic skills in the players.

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