sports lottery and welfare lottery

What is the difference between sports lottery and welfare lottery?

Sports lottery is a lottery issued for the development of sports; welfare lottery is a lottery issued for welfare. For example, if you buy a 2 yuan sports lottery ticket, 1 jiao is donated to the construction of the Beijing 2008 Olympic venues. The money raised by the welfare lottery is to help the disabled, the elderly, and the orphans. In 2008, the central government awarded the Chinese Charity Award to lottery players across the country. Because in 2007, the public welfare fund raised by the welfare lottery alone amounted to 50 billion yuan, far more than the money donated by celebrities and entrepreneurs. Sports lottery and welfare lottery are in charge of different departments. The former is the China Sports Lottery หวยรัฐบาล Management Center, and the latter is the China Welfare Lottery Management Center.

How to play fortune lottery:

Issued by the National Welfare Lottery Center: Two-color ball, 3D, 7Licai

Local Welfare Lottery Center publishes: 33 chooses 7, 22 chooses 5, 15 chooses 5, etc. The gameplay is different in each province!

  Sports Lottery:

The National Sports Lottery Center issues: Football Lottery Winning Lottery, Football Lottery Half Full Time, Super Lotto, 7 Star Lottery, Arrangement 3, Arrangement 5, 22 out of 5, 31 out of 7

The local sports lottery center issues: 33 to choose 7, 36 to choose 7 (Beijing), sports lottery 6+1, 20 to choose 5 (Zhejiang), etc. The provinces of the country are different. For details, please refer to the introduction of the local lottery issuing center!

Welfare Lottery is all digital, and what we play is probabilistic events. If you are lucky, you will be in it.

In addition to the digital type of sports lottery, there are also some technical types, such as football. There are wins and losses, scores, total goals, and so on. There are sports lottery and North lanes. Beidan will be relatively better. But it takes time to study the team, the game, and so on.

The types of lottery tickets sold are different. Half of the sports lottery sales come from unique quizzes. Zhongfu Online is unique to Fucai.

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