Can I play bingo games at a casino online? 

Can I play bingo games at a casino online? 

Bingo is one of the top gambling ventures. This highly profitable industry has over 3.5 million regular players in the UK, according to one source. Today’s wide selection of online bingo has something to offer for every player. You could be playing the famous 90 Ball and 75 Ball versions as well as lesser-known, but no less exciting, variants.

How does one go about playing bingo games online? Do you have to visit a bingo site? Perhaps it can be done on one of your favourite online casinos such as You’ll find the answers to these questions in this article. 

Bingo found in online casinos 

Most online casinos will have a few options available for playing bingo. The easy way to tell if a casino offers bingo is to first look for a “bingo” section on the website.

The most commonly available game across the different casinos (generalised) is 90 Ball bingo, also known in Britain as Housie. The online variant will usually be played at a high pace and have an automatic card daubing system. The rules of this version are quite simple – listen out for numbers between 1 and 90 being called and mark them off (or have it done automatically) on your card. When you fill in a line, two lines or a full house the win will be credited to you.

There are several different versions available, rules of which differ slightly, but the concept is still the same. For example, 75 Ball bingo uses number 1-75 and the card layout is different, meaning different winning patterns are in play. Once you fill in a winning pattern, you will be credited as a winner.

Many online casinos will offer a range of other versions, such as 30 Ball bingo (Speed bingo), branded bingo, progressive jackpot bingo. One of the more interesting versions is Slingo, where bingo meets slots: spin the slot and see if any numbers revealed match the ones on your card. What is more to Slingo are the special symbols, which can land at any moment and offer instant cash prizes or bonus rounds. 

What are the benefits of playing bingo in an online casino? 

Online casinos will make sure you can get some benefits from playing with them as opposed to a bingo website. Casinos value your custom and will have various promotions in place for you to take advantage of. For example, a bingo deposit bonus, where you will receive anywhere from £10 to £500 of bonus credit, depending on how much you deposit. You could also be enjoying a no deposit offer which will allow you to play bingo with an allowance merely for signing up! 

Online casinos will work hard to have a competing section of bingo games. You definitely can play bingo in an online casino and it might be a good idea to give it a go and see what all the fuss is about. Remember to keep the game exciting and responsible!

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