Free Spins, RTP & Co – explanations of the most important slot terms!

The world of online casinos offer a variety of possibilities. Many players love the colorful games with the nice sounds and high chances of winning. But before the game starts it should always be clear exactly what the rules are and therefore it is also important to know the terminology. We would like to explain the most common terms from the world of slots in more detail.

In order to really get to know the world of gambling, it is crucial to have a trustworthy provider like NetBet, so that the games can also be played securely. Those who are then also familiar with the technical vocabulary in detail have already fulfilled the most important requirements to be able to act successfully as a casino player. 

Which terms should every player know? There are not many, but these following terms must be known in any case if the game should bring not only fun, but also success.

Verification: What is meant by this?

The verification of the player account is important, because only this leads in consequence to a payout. Players have the obligation to register and verify a casino account if they want to get full access to the account with all its features. This is in particular about the payouts.

Many providers only allow withdrawals if a verification with identification documents and proof of address has been carried out. This is usually for security reasons, because the provider must always ensure that the money paid out really ends up in the right account. Therefore, as a rule, only the deposit method is allowed as the only withdrawal option.

Bonus: What this term says

The bonus is the salt in the soup of every betting provider, because with the various bonus offers, sometimes very high sums of money can be added to the betting account. This offers players the opportunity to reduce the gambling risk. The more bonus money is available for playing, the more winnings can be generated without the use of one’s own funds. 

The bonus system of an online casino can also have its pitfalls, as even more technical terms can be associated with it. For example, rollover is notorious, as almost every bonus offer has a new or special condition inserted by the provider, which leads to how easy or difficult it is to withdraw winnings in each case.

What does rollover mean?

The rollover is an integral part of the bonus terms and conditions and is almost always used, unless it is a cashback offer. The rollover determines how often the bonus money, the deposit amount or both funds in combination have to be wagered before the bonus money and the resulting winnings can be paid out. 

With a rollover of 20x, a bonus amount of 20 euros, for example, must be wagered with a turnover of 400 euros in order to be eligible for payout. These bonus conditions with the rollover significantly determine how easy it is to convert a bonus offer. Unrealistic rollover requirements can be used to determine the seriousness of an online casino.

How does the RTP give an indication of luck?

Anyone who is intensively involved with slot games will sooner or later come across the term Return-To-Player or RTP for short. This describes the payout rate of a slot. It is about the money as a total unit that is paid out again to the customers. Normally, a slot will have an RTP between 95 and 97%. 

This is the money the slot pays out in its total lifetime, which of course does not apply to every game of every player, but the RTP is always about the total. The remaining 3% to 5% is the provider’s margin, which is definitely estimated as profit and consequently not paid out to the real money players.

What is the effect of Free Spins / Free Games?

The Free Spins or Free Games are suddenly awarded in a slot out of the game situation and result in the player getting great winning opportunities, in which he does not have to make any bets of his own. The number of 10 or 20 free spins is usually enough to get really substantial winnings. This is what makes Free Spins and Free Games so popular among players in online casinos.  

Free spins are an integral part of a slots game, and some players won’t even play slots where there isn’t the option to get free spins as well. In many cases, free spins can be awarded in combination with a welcome bonus. Up to 200 free spins for a slot are then quite realistic.

Where to find Wild & Scatter Symbols

The wild and the scatter symbol are two of the most important symbols a slot can have. Of course, it is important to look into the meaning of all the symbols, but the wild symbol and the scatter symbol are particularly significant for success when playing. 

The wild symbol basically has the function that it can stand in for other symbols like a wild to complete paylines. The scatter symbol, on the other hand, brings free spins when it appears in predetermined amounts. In both cases, players benefit on every spin where the symbols show up appropriately.

What is the Book of Slots all about?

The “Book of…” slot game series is completely dedicated to the theme of Egypt. It all started with Book of Ra, a legendary slots game that managed to cast a lasting spell on many players. It was so popular that every casino wanted to have this game, or at least a very similar variant, in their offer. 

As a result, the game manufacturers reacted and produced adventure Egypt slots with the title “Book of…” in rough quantities. There is now a separate section of “Book of…” games in many online casinos, where they are all grouped together so that players who play exclusively the Egypt theme can discover their favorite slot here more quickly.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Winning a jackpot is always good, of course. But some slots are equipped with a progressive jackpot, which can be even more attractive if the amount of winnings is the main thing that interests a gambler. In fact, progressive jackpots are created from the deposits of the totality of all players of a slot. 

Since this amount can become very high quite quickly, progressive jackpots are in great demand especially among the winning players. If luck smiles on the player, a progressive jackpot can bring in a colossal profit. As a rule, online casinos offer progressive jackpots collected in a separate section or at least clearly mark the slots.

Conclusion about the most important terms of the slot game

Those who are familiar with slots always have advantages and they just understand the game better. No player should approach a slots game with large sums of money that he does not completely and utterly comprehend. The stakes of real money require a professional approach if losses are not to be expected in the medium and long term.

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