Where Is Slots Gaming Legal?

Where Is Slots Gaming Legal?

Slot gaming has increased in popularity over the past few years spreading to more countries. While it continues gaining acceptance the world-over, slot gaming faces legality issues in a couple of countries. So, where is slot gaming legal?

Places where slot gaming is legal

Slots gaming can be fun until you find out you are playing it in a place where you shouldn’t. Knowing which countries allow slots such as Irish Luck slot game ensure you are on the right side of the law. Slot gaming is legal under American Federal Law although there are some restrictions as you go from one state to the other. Louisiana and Nevada are two states that have made gambling completely legal statewide.

In the United Kingdom, slots have been legalized for a long time. It is on record that gambling takes about £14billion annually from the citizens. However, gambling isn’t legal in several countries, although you can gamble online in many cases. There are certain European countries where gambling is not exactly regulated such as Faroe Islands, Andorra, Slovenia, and Moldova. In North America, it is not regulated in Caicos and Turks.

In most continents of the world, slot games are legal even though not evenly distributed. In the industrialized world, there seems to be more people gambling perhaps due to greater awareness and the liberal posture of such countries.

Breakdown of slot legality by continents

Before you travel, here is a breakdown of the views of some regions about slots gaming.

·         North America

This zone is considered one of the greatest globally because of the large market, especially in the United States. The rules governing gambling differ from one point to the other in this region so you may need to confirm.

·         The UK and Europe

Different countries in Europe have varying views about slot gambling. Many of the countries have frameworks and regulations in place. In countries where gambling and casino sites are not regulated, such platforms are often not legal.

In the United Kingdom, slot gaming is legal and there are relevant regulations and frameworks available. In France for instance, the only difference with the United Kingdom is that you are not permitted to gamble at a casino.

·         Asia

Asia has a lot of countries with varying laws regarding gambling. Even the countries that allow gambling does not have a coherent gambling regulation. For instance, all forms of gambling are prohibited in China. Meanwhile, a country such as Macau has a thriving gambling industry backed by law.

·         South America

South America has a more liberal disposition towards gambling activities. Although some countries have tough regulations regarding gambling, the continent isn’t too strict.

·         Africa

The continent of Africa offers different views regarding gambling. Some countries are rather strict about gambling while there are others with thriving slot gaming industries.


Slot games help make life fun, and rewarding. But while enjoying these benefits, you don’t want to break the law. One thing that is certain about slot gaming is that it is gaining wider acceptability globally.

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